Valentine's Day


Couples that train together, stay together; the famous line that has made its way around social media in the last few years. While it is a cute saying with a nice ring to it, there’s actually a lot more truth to this quote than you would think. Aside from the obvious fact that spending time quality time together is a positive, working out with your special someone (or anyone for that matter) brings about a myriad of benefits including improving the efficiency of your workout, increased energy outside of the workout, and also strengthening the relationship between partners.


Don’t believe us? Read on as we talk to two Ground Zero couples in our first community feature as they share how having a shared fitness journey has been an amazing decision.


Sheryl & Wenqing



Being fit is...about being stronger than you were yesterday.



How did you meet?  

We were childhood friends living in the same neighbourhood and eventually started dating during secondary school.


When did you start at Ground Zero?

We started at Ground Zero together in last October after we chance upon an advertisement on Facebook and immediately got attracted to the futuristic looking gym!


Have you seen improvements in your fitness levels since starting to work out together?
Definitely! We have seen a great improvement in our stamina and physique since starting our weekly rumble routine at GZ.


What are the benefits of training in the same studio?
Companionship & motivation - especially since it is challenging to find someone who shares similar fitness goals.


What are some of your guilty indulgences?
Korean bbq!!! On our cheat days...


What fitness goals do you both have for 2018?
S: To develop solid abs and a toned body!!! hahaha (vain)

W: To increase muscle mass and bulk up.


What advice do you have for couples who want to start working out together?
Stop waiting for the perfect time, there isn’t one. If you don’t start now, then when?



Victor & Tammie


> victorandtammie2

Being fit is...doing your best during each workout session. Everyone starts somewhere and you can start right here right now. It's not about how skinny, toned, or muscular you are - but really making fitness a regular thing and part of your life.



How did you meet?  

We met as university freshmen back in 2013 although we had our own social circles and didn’t really hang out. I always just saw him as a friendly acquaintance whom I occasionally had to work with as we were both committee members of our Business Faculty students’ club (read: bro-zoned). It wasn’t until our final year that Vic finally decided to make his move!



When did you start at Ground Zero?

T: I had seen some friends posting snaps on Instagram of the Rumble classes at Ground Zero and thought it would be fun as I had previously taken an introductory Muay Thai course and loved hitting the bags! I Dragged Vic along as I thought he’d like it as well since we both enjoy EDM music / a good sweat / exercising together.



What were your fitness routines like before?

T:  I’d say we were of average fitness? Not professional athletes or anything, but we’d do regular runs/swim and also enjoy hike/cycle  together when we had more time on weekends or were travelling. I’d say it’s partly our fat genes that motivate us (LOL), but it really does feel great to work up a sweat every other day.



Have you seen improvements in your fitness levels since starting to work out together?

V: Definitely - Jeong whips our ass every single class. On a more serious note, I feel that the instructors here are very experienced, especially Jeong, in creating the mood and the atmosphere to have fun while also pushing yourself hard.



What are benefits of training in the same studio?

V: It becomes an activity where you can spend time together and bond, and it’s really nice to be able to motivate one another in class.



What are downsides of training in the same studio?

Sometimes we get competitive; like comparing who got more steps on our step tracker after a spin session. It can be a good thing though; a little friendly competition is always healthy!



What do you do to relax as a couple?

We eat! We also like to cook - it’s fun to think of what to cook, shop for ingredients together, and make the meal together. We also have quite the travel bug so we travel quite abit; each time creating a travelogue to document the memories!



What fitness goals do you both have for 2018?

T: I think we both just want to lose a few kilos and lean out a little. We plan to do this by cutting down on refined sugar and also incorporating more varied and intense workouts like spin / gym / circuit training.



V: I agree with Tammie;  its really about having an active lifestyle and spending quality time together. This is definitely one of the activities we enjoy doing as a couple.. Aside from our other favorite (eating!)  



What advice do you have for someone who wants to get their partner to start working out with them?

V: I would think a fitness package would be a great gift;  you get to workout together and have fun! There also tends to be a like-minded community at studios, which I feel is one of the factors that keeps one coming back.



T: I think taking the first step is always the most difficult… but once you get over the inertia of starting, you will realize it’s really a great way to spend time with one another and have someone who understands when you complain of  muscle aches the day after!