Ground Zero

This is where you’ll find your beginning.


We are a tribe connected by our passion for sweat, drive for growth and openness to challenges. We treat each other with respect and compassion, no judgements allowed.


Come with an open mind and open heart, our classes will test your limits, challenging you to be better than you think you are. Fuelled by music, your energy builds with every beat, guiding you to smashing your intention set before the class.




Clip on and get ready to sweat in a high energy 45 minute Ride class set to playlists curated by our kickass instructors.

Ride to the rhythm as you're taken through climbs, sprints, jogs, pushups and high intensity intervals to give you the ultimate cardio workout.



Throw jabs and hooks in our 45 minute Rumble class filled with lights, music and energy.

We'll focus on fundamentals such as your stance and punches, and balance it out with high intensity strength training using equipment and weights.