45 minutes of a total body experience designed to strengthen and build both the mind and the body. Our intricate class programming is set to unmatched levels of energy and intensity, carefully constructed to push you and your body to new levels. Our suite of Resistance classes ensures that your workout experience is complete, as you progress in all aspects of endurance, strength and power.


Building the foundation for all movements and types of training in Ground Zero. Build is a full body focused hypertrophy workout interlaced with periodic spurts of interval training. Expect to feel every muscle group working whether individually or in large compound movements.


Think heavy, explosive and powerful movements. The power workout was built to increase your ability to move heavy things and move them fast. Plyometrics, heavy compound movements and intense bursts of energy are the name of the game.


Longer sets meet even longer cardio pieces. Be prepared to push your cardiovascular system to the very limits, this is a test of both mental and physical endurance. Dig deep and you’ll find yourself building the capacity to do more, for longer.


Hit it hard and hit it fast to get to where you want to be. Take it to the next level with your podmates through partner workouts designed to challenge, and motivate. Finish strong together, or battle it out for sweet brownie points — the choice is yours. Afterall, some friendly competition never hurt anyone

First time? We got you covered.

01. Be Prepared

Hydrate well and eat a little something before class. Wear something comfortable and be ready to move and sweat. We suggest form fitting shorts or tights and a breathable top.

02. Check In

Arrive early. Do yourself a favour and come to the studio at least 20 minutes before class starts to sign in at our front desk. If you’re not signed in at least 4 minutes before class your spot may be released.

03. Gear Up

Wear comfortable shoes to workout in. We also have water available for sale in our studio.

04. Set Up

Give our instructors or front desk member a wave and we’ll make sure you are geared up correctly. If you are unfamiliar with our Resistance experience our instructors will also walk you through the basics for the class.